SENS Laboratory Description

The Software Engineering and Network Systems (SENS) Laboratory supports research in software engineering, formal methods, and distributed computing. Research topics include formal methods supporting the development and evolution of software systems, object-oriented software engineering, formal specification and verification of systems, synthesis of interactive systems, program understanding, design of network interface software and network protocols, and Internet-based parallel and distributed computing. The lab is currently equipped with a variety of interconnected high-end workstations and PC platforms, an NSF-supported cluster of symmetric multiprocessors, and a number of support peripherals.



Available Research Assistantships

Many of the projects listed below have several research assistantships available. Most of the RAships are targeted for PhD students, thus providing support for 4-5 years. Exceptions may be made in the cases of highly qualified MS candidates with skills matching specific project needs.

  • Meridian: Automating Software Development
  • Rapidware Component-Based Development of Adaptable and Dependable Middleware
  • Requirements Modeling

  • SENS Laboratory Research Projects

    Umbrella Projects

     Betty H. C. Cheng

    Laura K. Dillon

    Philip K. McKinley

    Kurt Stirewalt

    Sandeep Kulkarni