SENS Laboratory People


  • Betty H.C. Cheng: formal methods for software engineering, integrating informal and formal software development techniques, reuse, reverse engineering, and object-oriented analysis and design.
  • Laura K. Dillon: formal methods for specification and validation of concurrent systems, software engineering, and programming languages.
  • Sandeep Kulkarni: operating systems, distributed systems, and fault tolerance.
  • Alex X. Liu: computer and network security; dependable and high-assurance computing, computer networks, operating systems, and distributed computing.
  • Philip K. McKinley: computer network protocols, network interface design, parallel processing, and distributed computing.
  • Kurt Stirewalt: engineering of interactive systems, program reasoning, and formal methods to support software engineering.
  • Visiting Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows:

    Current Graduate Students:

    Alumni and Former Students:  (not official, nor complete!)

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